Vintage Tractors

Vintage Tractors

Vintage tractors just like vintage cars or even wine are awesome addition to your garage/home. Their awesomeness normally comes from their rarity as well as their historical importance. Below are the top 5 vintage tractors that you can look into:


1. Ford 8N Vintage Tractor

This is one of the best tractors that were produced by Ford in 1947. It was equipped with a Ferguson System 3 point hitch as well as 4 speed transmissions and at the time it was designed to become a top seller. This was better than the versions that made before thanks to the 4 speed transmission it had an increase in both drawback horsepower and PTO.


2. Waterloo Boy Model R 

This is another option you have in regards to vintage tractors. It is a model that was made by the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company which was the 1st company to manufacture and also sell tractors that were gasoline powered at that time. Its first model was model R a kerosene burning tractor that was introduced to the market in 1914.It came with a twin 2 cylinder kerosene and it was started on gasoline that ran on kerosene through gravity feed with water injection on the heavy load.


  1. 1959 Allis-Chalmers Fuel Cell Tractor 

This was a debut concept tractor that was powered by a fuel cell. It was designed with a 14.9 kilowatt.20 horse power motor that was used to convert chemical energy from a mixture of various gases into electrical power that made the tractor run without any noise or smoke. This is among the vintage tractors that had a total of 1,008 cells on the board. This was considered the largest operational fuel cell unit in the globe at that time. it could haul at least 3,000 pounds which was enough to pull the multi bottom plow.


  1. The 1961 International Harvester HT-341 Turbine Tractor

This is another tractor that features on the top vintage tractors. This is a concept tractor that made its debut in 1961. A small turbine engine was used to power the tractor. This was the same kind of power that was used to power some auxiliary systems like starter motors and air conditioning on jet propelled aircraft. Although the turbine was small, it could produce a lot of power i.e. 85 horsepower and around 57, 000 revolutions per minute. However this took up massive amounts of fuel and it was really noisy one of the reasons why it never caught on.


  1. 1947 Lamborghini Carioca

Some people may find it hard to believe that one of the models that feature on the vintage tractor is a Lamborghini. Before the brand started manufacturing luxury sports car, Ferruccio Lamborghini had a company that was building tractors. The first model that was built was the Carioca which was built in 1947. It was built using surplus military parts that were lying around after the Second World War. The tractor now stays at the Centro Studi e Richerche Ferruccio Lamborghini a family museum that is located in Italy. The fortune that was created from the farm equipment was used as seed money for the luxury sports car entity. Find these tractors and many more from tractor dealers ni on Everything Motoring