New Holland Tractors

New Holland Tractors

Tractors have become part and parcel of modern farming. In fact, the equipment has become the symbol of farming. One of the most popular brands is the New Holland Tractors for sale. These tractors have featured in many farmers for more than a century. The tractor has become a household name in the United Kingdom as well as beyond. The farming machine is used to carry out a wide range of activities. These range from furrowing, harrowing, ploughing, tilling, spraying, towing, harvesting, and much more. As a matter of fact, the functions of the tractor are increasing by the day. The tractor is also being used outside the farm.

Brief History of New Holland Tractors

The tractor manufacturing company was originally known as New Holland Machine Company. It was started in 1895 in a region known as New Holland in Pennsylvania. Abe Zimmerman was the founder of the company. His intention was to support his community which relied on farming. Initially, the company dealt in small equipment such as feed mills, manual ploughs, and balers among others. In 1947, the company was takeover by Sperry Rand Corporation consequently changing the name to Sperry New Holland. In 1964, the company bought a major stake in Claeys. Claeys, a Belgium based company was amongst the leading manufacturers of combines in Europe.

Ford acquired the company in 1985 and the name Ford-New Holland was adopted. The new name began appearing in all the tractors produced by the newly formed company. In 1990, Ford sold majority of its stake to the Italian company, FIAT. Part of the agreement was that the name Ford would be dropped from the brand within ten years. This meant that tractors were branded in either New Holland or Ford. New Holland was used in Ford’s traditional market while FIAT was used in the traditional market of FIAT. In 1999, FIAT-New Holland and CaseIH merged forming CNH Global. Fiat Industrial still owns a majority shareholding in CNH Global.

Choosing a New Holland Tractor The New Holland brand of tractors come in all manner of sizes, shapes and colour. The effectiveness of each version will vary with engine capacity, design, horsepower, extra features and more. The following tips will guide a person to choosing the right tractor: ·

-Needs: – A tractor for gardening purposes will be quite different from that meant for large scale farming. Compact tractors are more suited for landscaping and average duties.

– Cost: – The bigger the tractor the more output and also the more the price. Buying a large tractor for a small farm or landscaping jobs is not economical. Also, using a subcompact tractor to undertake heavy-duty farming will be overworking the tractor.

-Working Conditions: – The type of terrain and weather will influence your choice of tractor. If working on soil that is usually muddy and sticky such as clay soil, a 4WD is most appropriate. If planning to operate it for long hours, features such as air-conditioning, ergonomically designed seats, closed cabin should be considered.

– Horsepower: – small to average duty jobs such as landscaping or gardening duty don’t require lots of power and torque. 10 to 40hp are sufficient. However, large scale operations or hilly terrain require more power such as 50hp and above. ·

-Safety: – A good tractor should offer maximum safety to the operator. This entails having good visibility, protective cabin, ABS braking, traction control and more.

Common Types of New Holland Tractors

New Holland brand of tractors are a common feature in the UK and Ireland. They are used to perform different chores at the farm and also away from the farm. The most popular types are as follows:

  • T3:- This is a compact tractor that is suited for small to mid-size duties. These include; gardening, landscaping and also farming an average sized farm. The model comes in three variants; T3020, T3030 and T3040.


  • T4 Powerstar: – The tractor which falls under the T4 family is more powerful than the T300 series. It comes with a bigger engine that generated between 55 and 75horsepower.The tractor is suitable for basically any kind of farming. It can also haul cargo with ease.


  • T6:- This brand is quite popular with people who need a strong and powerful machine for everyday work. The tractor will till or plough acres of land without feeling the strain. Besides coming with an option of 4 or 6 cylinder engines, the workhorse comes with lots of linkages.


  • T7 – Tier 4:- This is a heavy duty tractor that is well cut for the most demanding jobs. It comes with a newly improved 6.7litre engine. The newer model offers an extra 19hp and 139Nm of torque compared to the standard T7000. The improvement has been achieved through the use of the ECOBlue SCR technology.


  • T8:- This tractor is ranked amongst the most powerful and sturdy tractors in the world. It features a high output engine, enhanced engine breathability, solid axles, 4WD system and much more. It can virtually work anywhere.


  • T9:- The T9 is the top-of-the-range tractor offered by New Holland. It has the most powerful engine, the strongest chassis, a solid built, and an assortment of extra features. Besides tackling any kind of farm job, it provides the most comfort.

New Holland Tractors Ground Breaking Technologies

When it comes to new and innovative technology, New Holland has been setting the pace. In fact, the company prides itself in being amongst the most decorated tractor manufacturer’s .The company is investing in environmentally friendly techniques. The NH2 Hydrogen Tractor stands out as one of the most innovative ideas. The tractor can run using Hydrogen which is a renewable and green energy source. The company has also approved use of biofuel in some of their tractors. This will help cut operating costs and also minimise pollution. Other notable inventions include; Intelligent Trailer Braking, ABS SuperSteer, Opti-Fan, IntelliFill, Edgewrap, Sensitrak 4WD management, Grain Cam, Moisture sensing, Sidewinder, On-the-move bale weighing, Crop ID and much more.

Compared to the early models, modern tractors have greatly evolved. They are no longer those simple machines that were used to plough, furrow or till the land. Tractors have become quite versatile. With the right attachments, a single tractor will perform a broad range of farming activity. This is made possible due to improved and effective technology. The farming machines have not only become more powerful but also more energy efficient. Furthermore, New Holland Tractors have become more user-friendly and also eco-friendly. This ensures that while tilling, ploughing or furrowing the land, a farmer is also causing minimal destruction to the environment.