John Deere Tractors

John Deere Tractors

John Deere tractors  have been developed over the years to fit the needs of each and every individual with an emphasis on high quality. The company’s products are characterized by a distinctive shade of green that is augmented by a yellow trim. However, different models and products carry different logos depending on the purpose for which it has been created.

Company history

The John Deere Company has been in operation for decades. The company was started in 1837 to offer repair services as well as manufacture various tools. It was in 1842 that the company constructed its first factory to engage in production of plows that were greatly needed at the time. With extended production over the years, the company continued to develop various farm implements and produced its first diesel powered tractor in the year 1912. Its popular brand was the Dain All-wheel-drive that gained a lot of popularity.

Initially the company would design and make products in regard to the specifications of the owner. However, owing to the slow pace in such production, the company shifted to creating varying designs from which clients had to make a choice on what would work better for them. It is on this platform that the company brought in to existence the varying tractor models that went on dominate the farming scene.

Development of the tractors

The initial tractors that were manufacture by the company were part of a trial strategy. However, with continued need for the tractors, the company endeared to engage in full production for the market. This was enhanced by the company through Henry Dreyfuss, the renown designer in the New York City area. The designer created the first two designs for the tractors which were the first two letter designs A and B. Other designs were created over the years in regard to the growing demand and need of the customers. Checkout the Farming Forum for loads of agricultural and machinery.

With the new designs, the company proceeded to produce more models in the years between 1930 and 1940 to match up the growing demand from the farmers who were switching from the use of horses to tractors. This was followed by the G design which resulted in a bigger tractor with a 6 speed transmission and 38 hp.

Popular acquisitions made by the company

When John Deere tractors hit the market, the company was still young. For this reason it was through acquisitions that the company got a better footing. The first acquisition was the Waterloo Gasoline Engine company in 1918. This gave them an opportunity to manufacture engines for their tractors.

Location of the company

John Deere Company is headquartered in Illinois, USA. The administrative centre for the company is Molin. For production of its tractors the company has companies in central and southeastern of the United States

The range of products from John Deere Company

The company has in place a wide range of products all which are tailored for varying uses. They include tractors that are useful in farming and harvesting of various products including sugarcane, maize, and wheat among others. These varying designed are fitted with enhancements that make them ideal for the purpose for which they are created. This include provision for silage machines, sprayers and planters the company also has in place varying tractor models that are ideal for construction purposes and they include excavators, loaders and bulldozers.

Financial history and employment

The company is among the largest employers in the United States. At present the company had in place 67,000 employees globally. Owing to falling demand and lean economic strains, the company has to lay off part of its workforce that totaled 600 in its production plants. Despite the humble background, the company has grown financially and managed to turn in revenue of US$ 37.5 billion. The company is also among the listed companies in NY stock exchange.

What makes the tractors ideal?

While tractors available can be used to serve multiple purposes, the need of individuals and financial capacity dictates otherwise. It is therefore important to ensure that you get one that fits your requirements. For this reason the company ensures there is a wide range of choices from which prospective customers can make their choices. This includes tractors that are tailored for different jobs. More to this, the company has in place financing services that enable the clients to get easy access to their products hence financial constraints for the client are reduced significantly. Convenient customer services and product servicing options are also created in an ideal way to ensure that the tractor acquired is always functioning and offering quality services for which it was acquired.

Services and support

The company has tailored it services to ensure that customers enjoy the products they acquire accordingly. It is for this reason that John Deere tractors have in place dealers and service stations globally. For this reason, any prospective client can easily access and acquire either of their products from a convenient location. Spare parts are genuine and available through the dealers or company website.

The company also has in place financial programs. Through this program, a client can easily acquire a tractor through a laid out financial program and as such get to use the product while making payments. This also includes access to spare parts and servicing at the various agents and service centers of the company. For easier use of its products, the company also has in place a training program through which divers and technicians are trained on aspects of how to handle and ensure the tractor acquired is maintained accordingly.


Heavy commercial appliances and tractors for sale are expensive and as such calls for a great deal of investment. It is for this reason that it is required they be in a position to offer services that will equal to their cost. John Deere tractors are created with this in mind ensuring they are of high quality

John Deere Tractors


John Deere tractors have been developed over the years to fit the needs of each and every individual with an emphasis on high quality and reliability.